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Vision & Mission

With more than 20 years of experience working in the hospitality area and being directly involved in the development, planning, operation, and management in the Hotel, Resort, Villa, Apartment and Waterpark fields, located in the largest cities in Indonesia. Based on those experiences, Karina Osman is now a figure who can be relied on by owners in the tourism and hospitality industry in Indonesia. She has now established Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant in cooperation with PT. Mutiara Seberang, for building this business with a hospitality industry focus.

Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant believes that the hospitality industry nowadays needs special input from a professional who has extensive experience in operation and management in the hospitality and tourism field. Karina Osman believes that there are unique aspects in every role, department, responsibility, and activity in this field. Therefore, “Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant” now offers such a specialist service for assisting owners of small to medium-sized hotels through the provision of advice and ideas for tourism and hospitality industry development.


To make Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant’s integrity and professionalism recognized as being effective in the development of the hospitality and tourism growth effort in Indonesia.


Karina Osman Hotel & Hospitality Consultant, will assist and offer extra professional advice to independent hotel owners based on our career history and extensive experiences.